Playing Poker

I play poker not to beat the odds but to beat the odds. When you play poker properly you enable yourself to beat the odds. You beat the odds by playing the right cards in the right position at the right time. You beat the odds by playing a solid game. You beat the odds by being patient. While in some sense it is true that poker is a game of chance because the players are going to miss some flops, you can beat the odds by playing fewer hands in the correct position at the right time.

You need to be aggressive. Many poker players just like to sit on a hand watching it happen and see the other people involved in the betting. You need to play aggressive and take the pot down before they do.

You can’t wait around to be dealt with good cards. You need to get involved. If you sit on a hand watching it happen, you are giving the advantage to your opponents. You need to play aggressively and before your opponents have a chance to catch on to your gaming style, you will have most of their chips in the pot.

You need to be consistent. Playing a live game, you will find yourself getting dealt many bad hands. do not let this discourage you. During a live game, you are going to have the best hand at some point and you just as likely will have some terrible hands. During my intervals of play, I play each hand very carefully, taking mental note of my opponents tendencies. I play pocket pairs, suited cards, etc. I do not let the poor hands discourage me from playing aggressively when I have a good hand. When I have a good hand, I am not afraid to play it.

You are not going to win all the time. I know you are reading this article and want to implement these skills so you can win some hands and make money. I can only urge you to continue your quest to become a better poker player. Poker is a game of skill and in the long run, the good players will always beat the bad players.

In my opinion it’s great to be a bad player once in a while because it can teach you something about how people play. If you are a terrible player and have no idea what’s going on, you can prey on other players. Watch them and see if you can identify their style. Once you know their style, you can take advantage of them. When you’re a bad player, you can’t help but have no idea about what other players are doing.

Just remember good players like to call. Bad players like to raise. If you know your opponent’s habits, you can always get a read on them. If they raise, they probably have a good hand. If they call, they probably don’t have a good hand if they are re-raising. It’s just a really simple rule of thumb, if you have a hand, you have to raise. If you have a weak hand, you know you are probably beat, so you don’t raise with a weak hand.

You are not going to win all the time. Bad beats are going to happen. Make sure you have enough chips to be able to survive a bad beat.

With a little bit of study and effort, you can be a much better afapoker player than most others sitting at the table. Don’t be afraid to take the chance and try to learn new techniques or more advanced poker strategies. Doing so will enable you to make a lot of money playing poker.

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