How to Get a Read on Your Poker Opponents When You Cannot See Them

Every poker player knows that picking up a read (also known as a tell) on their opponents is crucial to their chances of taking down the big pots. Looking for those tells is much easier playing in a multiplayer game than in a single table sit and go. You can observe the actions of your opponents while you are in a strangers poker room, but if you are playing face to face games with the same people, then it becomes much more difficult to pick up any tells.

Many players will claim that if you play a multiplayer game then you can not help but observe your opponents since each player will be playing against everyone else. If you are good enough you can then look for “poker tells” and use them to your advantage.

A big part of learning how to play poker is knowing how to read your opponents. If you are good at picking up on these tells then you too could profit from this natural talent. Many players believe that picking up on “tells” is just luck, but the fact is that good players do it smartly.

Here are four key tells to look for:

  1. Speed of Play – Quick decisions rate the best. A quick call or raise is a stronger signal of strong hand than a slow raise or check.
  2. Action – Whether they like it or not, aggressive players always bet. If they are checking or folding, they normally want a free card as well.
  3. Tournament Situation – Tight tables have a tighter structure. When the environment is tight, players tend to play hands they should not normally be playing. Playing hands you would not normally play in a loose environment is a good way to win chips.
  4. Hand Strength – When dealt a strong hand, players tend to stay in the game. They will call or raise even with a weaker hand. If your hand is not a strong hand, and you see an opponent has bet into you, you can safely assume they have a stronger hand than you do.

nyOther playerswill probably be raising with an ace or king in early position, and then you can safely check or play these hands in late position. If you are in early position, you can call these hands since it is treated as a blind. If you check, and your opponent bets, then you need to either get out of the hand, or continue betting unless you have a strong hand yourself.

In middle or late position, you can call these hands also, since typically these players will have weaker hands than you. Don’t call with these hands if you see a flop that contains two hearts. As is the case with flush draws, three of a kind is stronger than two pairs, deposit 50 bonus 30.

Many times you will have no choice but to discard a hand if it appears that you are beat. Typically, you are better off discarding a weak hand rather than folding a strong hand to a bet on the flop. However, no matter what cards you are holding, you are never guaranteed a strong hand. One thing to consider is chip management. You may be holding high cards, but there are more weak cards in the deck with an Ace or King than there is with two rare cards.

If you are not sure you will be able to make up your mind whether to stay in the pot, toss your cards away, or make a move, pay out the blinds. The blinds are part of your stack, so you have no fear of going out even if you lose the hand. However, if you are concerned about the loss of your chips, you may want to reconsider.

Typically, no limit games are a combination of aggression and risk. Because of this, you will not want to call these limits with known hands. You will also want to seriously consider folding pre-flop. You want to maintain your dignity as a poker player, even when you are losing chips.

Unlike small tournaments, no limit games are not tournament amongst friends. They are extremely serious games played by serious poker players. Certain stakes are important in these games, as well as continued respect for the poker community.

Obviously, a live tournament is a lot different than a online game. First, you cannot play from the comfort of your home. You’re in a big room with people you don’t know, sitting at a long table. You’ve got a hand to win, and you are competing against a lot of skilled players.

Second, there will be a lot of noise. Alleyway players will be going at it. Players will be drawing these hand’s from everywhere. There’ll be chips flinging, players bumping, and generally having a great time.

In addition to that, the stakes are higher in a live game.

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