Cleveland Indians 2006 Betting Preview

The Cleveland Indians are one of America’s most beloved teams despite the disappointment that they bring to their fans. Cleveland fans usually brace themselves for a bad season as the Tribe has not had a break out season since 1998. Management hopes that this year will be different as they attempt to build on last seasons success and regain the trust of their fan base.

When the 2006 season begins, the Tribe will be raising the expectations for the once mighty Tribe. Management decided to rebuild the team using a combination of veterans and young talent and they have high hopes that these changes will pay off.

The most important off season move they made was bringing in Joe Torre who they expect will improve the left side of the Indians pitching staff. Left handed starter Trevor Hoffman from the Yankees and right handed starter Culky from the Cavaliers is expected to make the transition to the rotation. CBs Thor, Green andector are the types of players that will help the Indians short handed situation, not that they have much of a Problem.

In the hitting department Cleveland decided to go with Trachsel when they brought him in to hit lead off. Trachsel in only 67 games has hit over .300 and has scored 42 runs. If he can improve on the poor offensive performance this season, the Tribe will be a profitable baseball team.

As far as the pitching is concerned, CLE has made a lot of their moves to improve an already strong rotation. Josh Beckett, one of the best pitchers in the game, should only get better after throwing 200 innings last season. He threw his 6th no sweetener last season and he knows that if he can get his career on track, he can be even better.

While the Egp88 are expected to be even better, it won’t be enough for them to overtake the Athletics in the AL Central. Even if they end up in the division, there will be no guarantee that the Indians will be able to finish first in the division. The uncertainty of the AL Central will be the main reason that the Athletics will not be ready to relinquish the #1 spot in the AL Central.

The white Sox have a huge upside after going 48-35 last season and securing the AL Central title. If management can package these moves with some future NBA talent, this team could be even better than last year. If Rajai Davis can strengthen the attacking staff, the sky is the limit for the 2006 White Sox.

New York Yankees: These guys are not going to be as good as last year’s version. It is apparent that they paid far too much money for Didier Drogba and the addition of Alex Rodriguez was a mistake. However, what is evident is that they still have talent on their roster and if they can manage it, this team can compete for the AL East.

The pressure will certainly be on Terryike Heywood and sink or swim since he is the most popular guy in the Yankee lineup. Recent history has not been good for New York with regard to Heywood’s stuff and he could certainly have a good year or bad. It is possible that the Yankees could be the second best team in the AL East. With the Mets, Barclays Field is a consistent barometer of how good they are in September. If they are not the top dog in the division, expect New York to be bankrolled in the second half by the teams who placed ahead of them.

The first of four one-run games this season by the Yanks highlights the fact that they are certainly not a top team in the Eastern League. However, with home run champ Didier Drogba back in the line-up, they once again return to the top by winning the second half of the schedule.

Be sure to check the injury reports prior to making your 2006 MLB Predictions as very occasionally, stars do get hurt and these changes can affect the end results of the season.

Onduyaswant to have their share of another run scored in 2006 by way of a few players from the Dominican Republic. These UU players are the talentedeto play in the big leagues. While they are not as high profile as some of the other clubs, these guys can give you some productive baseball seasons. Injuries are also a concern for these guys that are looking to make some money and take their game to the next level.

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